UConn Reports

The reports.uconn.edu site is a repository of progress reports for ongoing and legacy infrastructure and remediation projects.  Below are summaries of the projects archived on this site.


UConn 2000

The University of Connecticut is renewing, rebuilding and enhancing its campuses through a $4.6 billion, 28-year state investment in the University’s infrastructure. The program, known as UConn 2000, is also enhancing our academic and research activities on all of our campuses, including UConn Health in Farmington. Progress reports are issued every six months to the Connecticut legislature – and each of those reports can be found on this website.


UConn Landfill Remediation Project

On June 26, 1998 the Department of Environmental Protection issued a Consent Order to the University of Connecticut. The order required UConn to thoroughly evaluate the nature and extent of soil, surface water and groundwater pollution emanating from the University’s former landfill, former chemical pits and an ash disposal site known as F Lot. The order also required UConn to propose and implement remedial actions necessary to abate the pollution. The UConn Landfill Remediation Project is the process that UConn undertook to comply with the order. Implementation of the Remedial Work Plan for the UConn landfill and former chemical pits began in July 2006 and was completed in Summer 2008. We continue to monitor and maintain the wetlands and remediation systems. Detailed information is also available on the Office of Environmental Policy site.